Kamloops Home Remodel or Move?

The need to consider a Kamloops home remodel or a move may be brought about by numerous life events. The size of your family or your family recreational needs may have changed. 

An addition to your home, remodeling your basement, or transforming an under-used space, such as a closet, into a new bathroom may be the answer to these changes.

Perhaps the carport needs to be replaced with a garage or the existing garage needs to be expanded.

Whatever is driving your need, it's often less expensive to renovate compared with selling and moving,  AND you don't have to uproot your whole family in the process!


The first thing to consider is whether a home renovation will fully address your needs.  If your family is growing and additional bedrooms are needed, will the remodel cover future growth – or is a new house the answer?

Depending upon municipal zoning, you may be able to expand upwards and outwards to meet those needs and the best person to determine what's possible is an experienced contractor who offers free consultations.


Budget concerns are normally at the top of everyone’s list. Review your estimated project costs and the potential value added to your home with trusted contractors and realtors.  A remodel may not give the return you need and your budget might be better spent on a down payment for a different house.

If you determine that a Kamloops home remodel is the perfect answer to your changing needs, then it’s time to work through some ideas. There are software programs that can aid you in visualizing your new or re-worked space but if you're like me, you'll trust the expertise of a good designer rather than attempt to learn one of these complicated programs.


Keep an open mind as you develop your plan and review online resources for new ideas that may improve the use of your new space.  You will want to keep your design in sync with your existing home’s style, complementing and accenting, instead of distracting or detracting.  

Once you have your home renovation idea firmly established, you need to create a plan that specifies the dimensions, products and materials to be used, the color scheme, and even your timeframe for completion.  This plan will be used when you discuss your reno with potential building contractors and when, or if, you apply for financing.

There are a number of factors that can influence when your project will begin and complete.  Personal timelines may be impacted by weather, contractor schedules, material acquisition delays, unanticipated repairs or additions to your plan.  Be prepared for changes by being flexible and having alternatives waiting in the wings.  

If you cannot get the flooring you chose, have your second and even third choice ready. Anticipate as many bumps in the remodeling road as possible through research and questions to your contractor.  Expect to encounter delays and work towards good communications with everyone involved so your home renovation can progress smoothly.

Even without delays, this process takes time.  Accept this fact going into your project and you will have less frustration overall.


Some people find the costs of having a general contractor complete an entire Kamloops home remodel to be out of reach financially and will opt to have the structural work done by professionals, and do the finish work themselves.

This approach can save you thousands of dollars in labor costs – if you have sufficient carpentry skills to do such work correctly. It's really up to you to decide and if you're in need of any help, Toolbox Renovations is ready, able and willing to lend a hand!

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