Your Basement Renovation:
What to Expect

A basement renovation can be one of the best ways to improve the function of a home and there is no reason to be overwhelmed thinking about it anymore.

Basement Renovation of a Playroom

When you walk into your basement and think about the amount of work that needs to be done before you have a complete renovated and functional space, how do you feel? It’s easy to feel overwhelmed or concerned, especially if you aren’t certain what to expect as the renovation process begins. Keep reading to learn about some of the things you can look forward to as you proceed with this change to your home.

A Detailed Plan

If you are working with a professional like Toolbox Renovations to renovate your home, expect them to put together a detailed plan of action before they begin the project. If you are doing some or all of the work yourself, create this plan yourself. Some jobs will need to be done before others, and it is important that everything is carried out in the right order. For example, you may need to create openings for windows and doors before you start doing other work with the walls.

When you first contact a company regarding your basement renovation, they should give your basement a thorough look before they offer a quote for the work or start the planning process. Make sure to ask for references from previous satisfied clients.

You should get multiple quotes if you don’t feel comfortable with the first, so that you can fully commit to one company once they are ready to proceed with the planning. Ask questions during planning so that you understand the timetable expected and how the work may interfere with your daily life.

Open Communication

If you are working with professionals to complete the work for your basement renovation, you should expect company representatives to communicate openly about the work being completed. You should be able to ask questions regarding the timeline, the budget, and the overall process.

While you will need to give the crew time to work so that they don’t fall behind, you should know exactly who to call or seek out if you have questions or want to discuss any element of the remodeling project. That’s why for larger projects like basements, a detailed written contract is essential.

This communication should extend beyond completion of the work. You can expect any professional remodeling service to follow-up with you after a short period of time. As you adjust to having the renovated space in your home, you may find things that were not completed properly or that do not suit your needs. You can expect the professionals to listen and follow-up with all of your concerns.

Unexpected Setbacks

Right from the start, you can expect some type of setback to put your project behind schedule, over budget, or both. You may discover unexpected problems that need to be fixed before you can finish the basement renovation. Materials that you planned to reuse may turn out to be in poor condition, which requires you to purchase new materials. There are many things that you cannot even think of at the beginning that can go wrong at some point, so be realistic and open minded. It will be far easier to handle those things when they do occur if you expect them.

A Functional, Valuable Space

In the end, you can look forward to a fully renovated basement that adds value to your home and contributes functionality to your overall household. Whether you are adding sleeping space or creating a space where household members can relax and enjoy their time at home, you will end up with a home addition that benefits you and your family in meaningful ways.

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