Basement Renovation Costs Victoria BC

Lately I have been asked a lot of the same questions over and over. This is great because homeowners need to know the answers before choosing a general contractor to do work on their home.

Last week I got an email from a lady asking how much basement renovations in Victoria BC cost. This is a great question and we get asked it a lot so I thought it would be best to answer this on the blog.

When I get asked this question I tell everyone it's too early to say because I need to gather a lot of information in order to be able to gauge pricing. So I then ask them many questions but the first question is what is your budget? If I feel that figure is too low to be realistic then I will tell you right away. In my experience it will cost anywhere from $10K - $50K depending upon your desires. Obviously if you want to create a separate rental suite then it's going to be on the higher end as more work is involved like adding a kitchen for example. It really comes down to what you want to do with your basement.

A lot of factors go into the costs of your basement renovation and no contractor including myself will be able to tell you right away the costs. If are looking for a more detailed quote, please contact me or visit our basement renovation page for more information on our service.


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