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Basement Renovation

You’ve just purchased your dream home in beautiful Oak Bay, BC.  But in order to be able to ease the financial strain of monthly mortgage payments, you’ve decided to renovate the basement and transform it into a rental property.  Doing so can increase the value of your home and also bring in enough monthly income to significantly reduce your mortgage payments.

Oak Bay is described as a “picture perfect” community.  It sits at the far south point of Vancouver Island but still within easy access to Victoria, BC.    Oak Bay boasts a delightful shopping district, an abundance of waterfront and nature trails, and lovely homes.  Oak Bay is, “friendly, historic, attractive, artisan, beautiful.”  And now it is also your home community.

Transforming a basement from a storage and utility area to a rental unit requires careful planning to ensure that all code requirements are met.  Not only do you want the rental unit to be welcoming to your tenants, you also want it to be safe. 

Toolbox Renovations skilled craftsmen can ensure that your rental unit has the proper outside access, sound proofing, correct window placement and dimensions (per code), and of course, that the basement/rental is secured against water seepage.  We will comply with Oak Bay’s building and code inspection process at each step of the renovation. 

You will want your tenants to enjoy being part of the Oak Bay community just as you enjoy its beauty and the unique neighbourliness of a smaller community.  Your professionally renovated basement is one important part of that enjoyment and comfort. 

Turn to Toolbox Renovations and our basement renovations to help you with this important home renovation process. There will be much to do during the months of renovation, but the rental income and property value increase will be well worth the effort. Contact us for more information.

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