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Your basement could serve a lot of purposes for you. Maybe you would like it to be an extra space for relaxation in front of the TV, or a new play area for your kids, or a workplace for whatever your trade of choice is. You might be looking to change your basement into a suite that you could rent out, or you could need it fixed to increase your house’s value to a house inspector and make it look more presentable to potential buyers. There are many possibilities and we can make your desires for basement renovations in Saanich BC a reality.

Basement Renovation

Toolbox Renovations is located in Saanich BC and we can provide our basement renovation service to residents anywhere in Saanich.  We have been in business since 2005 and our experience in renovations will make sure your project is affordable and completed in a timely manner.

If your concern is for the health of your basement, we can help you with that. Basements that are cold, wet, and have mold and mildew can have a negative effect on the value of a house. You want to have your basement in its best shape now so whenever you do decide to sell your home, any problems the basement had will not have had a chance to get worse. Our services are available to you now so you will not be faced with bigger costs later.

Toolbox Renovations can also update your drainage system for you. Houses that were built in 1970 or later may have drainage systems that use cement or clay tiles that can easily collapse or crack. This makes your basement susceptible to dampness and mold. We can install a new drainage system made of strong plastic to stop poor perimeter drainage caused by your old system.

Are you looking to revamp your space into a suite to rent out? Basement renovations to create a new suite are restricted by regulations in the municipality, which we can inform you of before we get started. The first step of our procedure for all basement renovations is to meet with the homeowners and other professionals involved, such as the plumber and electrician. Together we will determine the needs for plumbing and heating, among other areas of concern, at the beginning of the project to ensure a successful outcome.

If you have any desire or need for a basement renovation in Saanich BC, call Toolbox Renovations today.

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