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Toolbox Renovations are bathroom renovations contractors in Victoria BC. We can help transform your old bathroom into something you can enjoy and be proud to show to guests.

Bathroom Remodel

We know that if there is one room in your home that can embarrass you when company comes over, it is your bathroom. This is one of the smallest rooms in your home, but it is expected to be kept clean, comfortable and presentable at all times. You spend a lot of your time in this small room, and you want your guests to feel just as comfortable as you are in that space.

Given the importance of a clean and comfortable bathroom, it is a bit surprising that most homeowners think of their bathrooms last when considering home renovation ideas. You don’t want to make that mistake. You know that your bathroom is one of the most important rooms in your home, and you want to turn it into a spectacular space. You want those guests to talk about your bathroom for all of the right reasons, and Toolbox Renovations Victoria bathroom remodeling contractors can help you do just that without breaking your budget.

Popular Bathroom Remodels and Renovations:

What can you do to transform your bathroom? You have many options, including these popular renovation projects:

  • Redesign the bathroom to include recessed storage spaces
  • Use mirrors to create a spacious feel in a small bathroom
  • Adjust the lighting to brighten a dark bathroom or to add ambience
  • Replace outdated design elements with modern design elements
  • Install a heated tile floor
  • Open up wall space by removing oversized mirrors or other large wall elements
  • Update the cabinets and sinks for a sleek, modern look
  • Replace worn bathtubs, toilets and sinks
  • Repaint the walls to create a new feel in the room

Defining Your Goals

Any bathroom renovation project starts with honest analysis. Spend some time in the bathroom with pen and paper in hand. Write down everything about the bathroom that you would like to change. Even if you end up making notes on the entire room, it is important to honestly assess the needed changes. Make sure to note all of the following:

Bathroom Renovation
  • Outdated elements
  • Worn or deteriorating fixtures
  • Mismatched colors and designs
  • Faded or distorted colors or surfaces
  • Lack of storage space
  • Lack of counter space
  • Damaged flooring or wall surfaces

You should also think about the size and design of your current bathtub, toilet and sinks. Would you like to have more room in the tub? Do you need double sinks to accommodate changes in your lifestyle since the old sink was installed? Put it all on your list so you can clearly tell our professionals what you would love to change about your bathroom.

Surface Renovations

After completing the analysis on your bathroom, you may find that you just need to update the appearance of your bathroom. You may get by with a fresh coat of paint and new decorative features throughout the room. Or, you may need to adjust the lighting so that it fits the style of your home today. Toolbox Renovations and our experience colleagues can work as your bathroom remodeling Victoria BC contractors to help you make critical design decisions so that your new bathroom fits your needs stylistically and functionally.

More Substantial Renovations

If you have serious damage in your bathroom that needs immediate attention or you want to complete a more substantial bathroom makeover, Toolbox Renovations can work as your bathroom remodeling contractors to help you take out the old and bring in the new. Whether you want to replace extensive tile work or you need to fix a floor that is rotting around the bathtub, there are ways to fix the problems within most budgets.

Comfort Renovations

What about heated floor tiles, multiple shower heads, non-skid tub surfaces, and glass tile? What about bamboo and high-end wood to replace the cheaper materials currently in your bathroom? You don’t have to wait for your bathroom to start falling apart to justify a renovation. If you simply want to bring something special to your bathroom or treat your spouse to something more comforting, you may have more options than you realize so give us a call today!

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