Bathroom Remodeling
Photos of Our Work

Browse through these recent bathroom remodeling photos to see some of our work in the Victoria, BC area. 

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Small Bathroom Before

Here you can see the old bathroom before and how it was made new.

Custom Suite Bathroom Drywall

Drywall for a Custom Suite

Finished Custom Suite Bathroom

Shower Waterproofing

Finished Shower Waterproofing

Finished Shower

Custom Tile Bathroom

Custom Tile Bathroom

Custom Tile Bathroom Shower

Custom Tile Shower

From the smallest powder rooms to the most luxurious bathrooms, remodeling brings a much-needed transformation to one of the smallest yet most used rooms in your home. In these photos, notice how everything works together from the materials and colors selected to the lighting and the placement of the sink, toilet, shower and tub. Bathroom remodeling should bring all elements together to create a space that is just as enjoyable as it is functional.

Some bathrooms have one bad feature that draws the eye and ruins the vibe of the entire room. Others are outdated and need to be brought into the modern world. Still others are too small, dark or drab for comfort. In some cases, bathrooms have mold problems or other safety issues that demand instant attention, but sometimes homeowners simply want to enjoy their bathrooms more.

The photos presented here are of bathrooms that homeowners are now happy to show off to their guests. Some of them started out as embarrassments, but today they are sources of pride. Some of the bathrooms started out acceptable, but today they are exquisite representations of how quality bathrooms should look and feel.

Sometimes bathroom remodeling requires a complete overhaul with fresh materials everywhere, but oftentimes a small change here and there makes a tremendous difference. It is great to reuse as much of the starting materials AS possible, as long as the materials match the vision to be created for the final remodel.

These bathroom remodels reflect different color schemes and style preferences, but notice how they are all inviting and comforting. The goal for a bathroom remodel is always to strike a balance with color and style that will contribute to the appeal of the overall home and still function perfectly. These remodeled bathrooms reflect some of our recent work and they are valuable additions to their homes. If you are looking for a bathroom remodelling contractor in Victoria BC, please contact us for more information.

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