Five Bathroom Renovation Trends

You might not know where to start with renovating your bathroom here in Victoria BC. If you want the room to feel more inviting but are not sure what would work best for the space, try considering the current trends in bathroom renovation. Here are five bathroom renovation trends of 2015, to give you some inspiration.

1. Get an eye-catching floor by using a feature floor tile

If your bathroom is not designed in such a way to make one of your walls into a feature wall, using a feature floor tile can create a unique look in the room, without making it feel too zany.

2. Add nature-inspired elements to create a soothing feel

Using wood and stone-like features can bring your bathroom to a new level of relaxation. A wall with wood tiles can give the room a rustic feel, and your countertops, floor tiles, and bath or shower area can use natural or imitation stone surfaces to add to making your bathroom into an earthy, serene setting.

3. Create a vertical garden to change up the traditional indoor plant look

Whether you have had plants in your bathroom before or not, you might think that a hanging potted plant or one resting on a counter would seem out-of-place in the room. One way to use indoor plants to counter this idea is to create a wall of plants, called a vertical garden, perhaps behind your tub. It will serve as a point of interest to anyone who enters the bathroom, and you will appreciate the design of it on a daily basis, too.

4. Open up your master bathroom to the bedroom

A well-designed bathroom should be pleasant to look at. If you find that you really do like the design of it, who is to say you cannot open up the space to its connected bedroom? This may be especially appealing for you if either your master bathroom or bedroom are small. Having the two better connected can open up the space, and you can have a wide sliding door installed to close it off when you like.

5. Install user-friendly water controls to expand your options

New designs for water fixtures include thermostatic mixers, which can control multiple water sources, and showers that are touchscreen operated. You can have more control over the temperature of the water and the flow with these, and even run two showers at the same time at different settings.

Bathroom designs are expanding to match modern design ideas, so you have a lot of renovation options that are outside of the ordinary. If you are in Victoria BC, you can contact us at Toolbox Renovations with your ideas to get started.


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