How Long To Complete Bathroom Renovations in Victoria BC?

Last week I answered a common question I get asked a lot about the costs of bathroom renovations. You may be asking yourself that question or another common question I get asked as a general contractor in Victoria BC, and that is "How long will my bathroom renovation take to complete?" 

On average you can expect the timeframe complete your bathroom remodeling to be 2-3 weeks on average.

It's amazing how much time goes into the various stages of bathroom renovations here in Victoria. One of the first steps is testing the space for hazardous materials and conducting a remediation to ensure everyone's safety. After we gut the space the plumber comes in to modify the water and waste lines. Sometimes the existing lines are all copper or cast iron which may have deteriorated over the years which require extra repairs and couplings to connect with modern plastic pipes. Next, the electrician will change the wiring to accommodate a new bathroom fan and perhaps in-floor heat to warm the new tile floor. Tile work is precise and takes time and of course a proper paint job can't be rushed either.


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