Best Time Of Year For Home Renovations In Kamloops

Fall has arrived and we often get asked when the best time of year is for home renovations in Kamlops BC. Whether it's a kitchen reno, basement reno or deck reno, there isn’t one perfect time to complete particular home renovation projects. Instead, when you are first considering hiring a renovations contractor for the job you should be aware of a few factors that might impact when you should start. Here are Toolbox Renovations’ tips for choosing the best time for your home renovation.

Know what season your type of project is usually completed in

Many people will contact contractors to complete certain projects right at the time when they need the task completed. This may work for smaller 1-5 day projects, but to get the best service you need to plan ahead and beat the crowd by getting the estimating and contractor selection started a month or two before the specific seasonal busy times. Typically in the interior where winter months (Nov-March) are best for doing inside jobs such as Kitchens, Basements, Bathrooms, Bedrooms and Laundry rooms. Winter can be slow for some contractors so you may find you get better pricing for typical winter works.  This may also save you money as the competition may be higher.  

Spring/Summer/Fall contractors normally take on exterior works that typically are done during suitable weather and no frost. Decks, patios,pergolas,stairs, concrete works, fences, gates, sheds, garages,  siding, roofing, landscaping, windows, drainage, insulation and retaining walls.  This busy time may increase your quote estimates for interior projects.

Contact contractors well ahead of time may save you valuable $$$$

It’s a good idea to get in touch with contractors a few months ahead of time, especially if you have a spring or summer project. This will allow you to pick the best contractor for the job and give them plenty of time to plan and buy supplies well ahead of the time when supply and demand are most disproportionate. Seasonal pricing can vary up to 20% or more so taking the time to purchase supplies at the right time could save thousands of dollars on larger projects.  

.If you live in Kamloops area of BC you’ll know that winters are relatively mild, and you might be able to get a contractor started on your major renovation project even earlier than you thought--so give us a call to get the conversation started at 778-677-1036.


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