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A carpentry video is an excellent teaching tool because it allows us to watch something being done and then try our hand at the same task. And the diversity of carpentry skills are perfect examples of learning by observation.

Unfortunately, most of us do not have access to a journeyman carpenter in order to learn basic or advanced skills. However, anyone with access to the Internet can quickly explore the world of instructional videos available online that cover a broad range of topics and have the advantage of repeated viewings until you feel you understand the process being used.

Whether you are truly a novice and your familiarity with carpentry ends with hammer, nails, and a two-by-four board or you have executed advanced building or furniture projects, there will be a video that walks you through a new skill or carpentry procedure.

Where to find them and are websites geared to the do-it-yourselfer and contain hundreds of free access carpentry videos on a huge array of projects. Tools, materials, planning, and prep are discussed step-by-step and include explanations on the pros and cons of different approaches to the same project.

Another free access website with an extensive free-access video library is, with over 800 videos on building projects, use and care of tools, and woodworking. Of course YouTube is also available for free, just search for the specific topic you want. is an excellent resource for online purchase of videos and your local home renovation store may also have a good selection of them as well. Many full-length videos cover multiple elements of carpentry, while others may target a particular skill set one wishes to acquire.

Learn skills

A huge bonus is that you can watch a process or tool use as many times as you wish until you are familiar enough with it to try it on your own. Many videos will show examples of the correct and incorrect way to do something.

For some, this means finding out why your previous attempts at carpentry have been unsuccessful. Even seemingly simple things, such as how to properly hold a nail and a hammer or how to use a miter box, can be watched and mastered.

A good carpentry video should teach you skills – but should also teach you safety. Carpentry tools are designed to cut, carve, sand, screw, and nail wood. If you do not use them with safety in mind at all times, your tools can apply their function to non-wood materials that get in their way – such as clothing, hands, and fingers. Using protective eye wear is tremendously important in carpentry, as wood splinters easily, and sometimes, unexpectedly.


Let’s say your home renovation project is refinishing your kitchen cabinets. You will be removing the doors and all their hardware, and then sanding them to prep for new paint.

You have decided to use double-shaft pulls instead of the old single pulls. This means you will need to measure and drill holes for the new pulls on each door. You are also replacing the hinges, which were recessed, for a decorative style that shows off the new pulls.

This seemingly simple and straightforward project does require some basic skills using some basic carpentry tools. A careful viewing of a carpentry video on such a project, however, can help to ensure that you are fully prepared by having the proper tools, the right materials, and an efficient plan of action.

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