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Home additions contractors know that there is a reason the first home you buy is often referred to as your “starter home.” Most families will start out with a small, affordable home, only to wake up one day and realize that they have outgrown the space offered within that home. There are many reasons you can outgrow your home, but the options for obtaining more space are always the same.

Room Addition

When this happens, you either need to move into a larger home and take on the expenses that come with upgrading or renovate your current home so that it offers the additional space you need. That is when you call Toolbox Renovations to discuss professional home additions that will expand your home so that you don’t have to move.

Budget-Friendly Home Expansions

It is easy to realize that you need a bigger home. Unfortunately, it is not always so easy to get the bigger home you need without sabotaging your finances. Home additions are typically more affordable than outright buying a new home. They also allow you to stay in the home where so many happy memories have already been created for your family.

There are two things you should do before contracting with any service for a home addition:

1. Clarify your needs and wants. Do you need an extra bedroom, a bathroom, or an entire suite? You have to know what you need before you can communicate those needs to anyone else, and the only way to get what you want from a project is to clearly communicate your expectations.

2. Determine your budget. You can have one figure that you would like to stay under and another figure that you absolutely cannot surpass. Toolbox Renovations can help you stay within your budget, and will always tell you ahead of time if your budget is unrealistic for your goals. Affordable yet high quality home additions are our specialty.

Once you know what you want and have worked out your budget, it is time to call Steve Burgess to start discussing your plans. With on-site visits and careful listening to what you need and expect, Toolbox Renovations will help you design and create the extra space your home needs to remain functional and comfortable for your growing family.

Certified Journeyman Carpenter at Your Service

There are many home additions contractors servicing the Victoria area with less than stellar credentials, but that is not what you will find at Toolbox Renovations. Steve is a seasoned, certified journeyman carpenter with more than 20 years of experience in the renovation business. We will always work to please our customers no matter how big or small the job. Check out our testimonials page to see what other Victoria residents say about our services.

Our team has a real passion for this line of work, and we want to give your family the extra space you need to spread out and enjoy your home. Call Toolbox Renovations today to start transforming your home into the living space of your dreams.

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