Home Additions Remodeling Photos

These home additions remodeling photos showcase of of our recent work in the Victoria, BC area.

 -- Click on any of the photos below to enlarge and view in galley mode.--

Brittney Drive Entry Before

Brittney Drive Entry After

A-Frame Entry Before

A-Frame Entry After

McBriar Ave Workshop Footings

McBriar Ave Workshop Floor Framing

McBriar Ave Workshop Wall Framing

McBriar Ave Workshop Finished

Enjoying Home Additions

Photos of home additions are always interesting because they are can be so varied. The reasons for adding onto a home are different for every homeowner, so this line of work leads to creative projects all the time. Sometimes a small bedroom is added to a home when a new baby is expected. Sometimes a garage is added onto the side of a home to allow the homeowner more storage space or simply room for creative arts like painting or woodworking.

Besides serving practical purposes and serving day-to-day needs of homeowners, many room additions add value to the homes in which they are positioned. This value is monetary for the physical property, but it is often emotional for the homeowner. The addition brings beauty, comfort and peace of mind to those who now have the space they need to live better lives.

We have included some photos here of recent projects to give you some inspiration.  Whether it is a new entryway to improve the look and function of the home or a whole new workshop, these homeowners came to us to make their spaces work better for their needs.  They were thrilled with the results.

Our goal is always to start with an understanding of what a household needs and then move toward a functional, beautiful design that accommodates those needs. These home additions were all a result of that process. This is the art of personalizing homes.

If you live in the Victoria, BC area, we would love to help you turn your dream of a great home addition into a reality as well.

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