Home Bathroom Remodeling

Coming up with great home bathroom remodeling ideas can seem daunting, but it doesn't need to be!

Usually the smallest room in the house, yet the one most used, the bathroom often is the last space that receives renovation attention. Sadly, this should not be the case, as an updated bath can add enormous value to your home, and often with very little effort and cost.

One of the simplest bathroom renovation ideas involves mirrors and storage cabinets. Well-placed mirrors give the impression of a larger space and can brighten a small space with reflected light. Installing recessed storage cabinets (medicine cabinets) with mirrored doors can accomplish two goals: provide additional storage without encroaching on already limited space and maximize the advantages of reflective surfaces.

Many bathrooms in older homes were designed with large mirrors or great expanses of mirror tiles on the walls. Removing these dated design elements and replacing them with recessed storage cabinets or recessed storage niches will update the overall design of the bathroom. The added wall space will also allow you to bring color into the room with paint or decorative tiles.

Lighting can dramatically alter the look of any bathroom. Not only the style of the fixtures, but the light they throw can make a big difference. Consider the effects of updating to recessed lights in the ceiling and wall sconces for area lighting.

When considering your home bathroom remodeling ideas, make note of the design elements that appear dated, worn, or mis-matched. Be honest in your review of the colors used in the room. Are they unappealing, faded, or simply not what you want to see in your bathroom? Is there adequate storage? Is the floor damaged, stained, warped from water, or simply worn out?

Once your review is complete, decide what can stay and what must go. For some, a coat of paint, new shower curtain, window treatments, and matching accessories and towel sets will be all that is needed to dress up an outdated bathroom.

For others, the worn or damaged floor may need to be replaced. If this is the case, then one of the premier bathroom renovation ideas becomes a possibility: heated floor tiles. This is one idea that brings an immediate touch of luxury to even the smallest bathroom. Once the old flooring has been removed, the new heated tile system is easily laid, with little extra effort beyond what laying a regular tile floor would require.

Home improvement store associates can usually provide guidance if you have never done a floor tile project before. With a little effort, you can warm your toes with this high-end bathroom upgrade.

Even a well-appointed bathroom can benefit from the huge array of choices in tile design. Bath tiles come in such a dazzling array of colors, textures, finishes, and sizes that installing your tiles will seem like a simple task compared to deciding which tiles to install.

Glass tiles offer a shimmering translucent look, while the organic matte finish of clay and stone can bring a soft warmth to a room filled with porcelain fixtures. Tile borders bring in accent colors and can define the style of the bathroom décor.

Additional home bathroom remodeling ideas incorporate the use of woods and bamboo in cabinetry, innovative accessories such as heated towel racks or multiple shower heads, and functional touches like shower seats and non-skid tile surfaces in showers.

We at Toolbox Renovations have extensive experience with bathroom renovations and would be happy to help you with yours!

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