Kitchen Home Renovation
Estimated Cost: What to Expect

Most homeowners want to know the kitchen home renovation estimated cost before they give it too much consideration. 

Kitchen Home Renovation

Whether you want to sell your home for maximum profit, your kitchen no longer meets your functional needs, or you just want a fresh style, a professional kitchen renovation will pay you back with increased home value and years of enjoyment. The problem is you need to secure funding for the project and create a manageable budget that is realistic for the type of renovation you want to complete. This requires some upfront knowledge of what costs you can expect.

Estimating Overall Expenses

Your home renovation estimate and your overall expense will depend on exactly what you want to do with your kitchen. Completely stripping the room down and replacing everything can cost $50,000 or more. This includes the cost of cabinetry and appliance as well as all other materials, work supplies and labor.

If you just want to replace the cabinets, add an island, repaint or refinish the cabinets, or complete some other minor improvement, then you may only need to budget $5,000 with all materials and labor included. If you have high-end tastes and select expensive materials, then this figure can easily go up to $20,000 or more depending on what you are buying.

If you can do some or all of the work on these minor repairs without hiring professional help, you may be able to reduce your costs substantially. You are only advised to do that if you have some experience with the type of project you are undertaking or within the construction or design fields. You want your final results to look professional regardless of who completed the work.

Tips to Predict and Control Kitchen Renovation Costs

1. If you plan to hire someone to renovate your kitchen, ask them to evaluate your kitchen and give you an estimate. You can collect multiple estimates from qualified, licensed companies like Toolbox Renovations if you don’t have one company you know you can trust. Your price will vary depending on the size of your kitchen, the price of materials you select, and the amount of labor involved. A professional will know what questions to ask and how to estimate your final cost.

2. If you cannot afford to renovate your kitchen all at once, consider renovating in multiple phases. You can work with a professional to determine what parts of the renovation should be completed first and save up money to pay for later phases of the project over time. If you want to renovate without professional help, you can complete smaller projects over time rather than ripping apart the kitchen all at once.

3. Materials can easily represent 50% of the cost of renovations. The easiest way to reduce the cost of a kitchen renovation is to go with lower priced materials whenever possible. This allows you to spend more money on materials that will make more of an impact on your final results.

When all else fails, consider working with a professional Victoria kitchen remodeling contractor like Toolbox Renovations to come up with creative ways to conserve expenses for your kitchen renovation. There may be other options for your overall design, look and feel than you are currently aware of, but you will never know if you don’t reach out to a professional and ask.

If you live in the greater Victoria area, give us a call.  We will be happy to give you a free home renovation estimate on your next project.

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