Inspiring Home Renovation Ideas

Looking for home renovation ideas to spruce up your home or perhaps make more room for a growing family?

Whether it's a simple face lift or an extreme makeover, we at Toolbox Renovations can certainly help with the design and building of your reno and provide some creative input as well.

But it starts with your imagination based on your needs and desires. The main thing is to get the creative juices flowing and some people need more prompting than others. 

If you're like that then take a look at various renovation websites because many of them are full of well written articles on various aspects of construction by authors who know what they're talking about. One of the best examples is because it's an authoritative site that's easy to navigate.

Another great way to come up with home renovation ideas for the outside of your house is to drive around your neighborhood or beyond. Check out what others have done because you're bound to find certain designs that really appeal to you. Look for the style of house that catches your eye such as West Coast, Cape Cod, Victorian or perhaps Colonial.

Home and garden shows, usually scheduled for the spring, can also be a wonderful source of information on all aspects of construction. Besides the free advice and written info, you'll have the opportunity to meet business owners offering a variety of services such as home decorating, bathroom and kitchen remodeling and landscaping. 

Need Some More Inspiration?

Last but not least, pluck up the courage to ask your family and friends for help with home renovation ideas, especially those individuals you admire for their own great taste and good judgement. But most of all, don't get stressed out in the process because you're not alone in this venture and it should be a fun thing to do!

Kitchen and bathroom renovations provide the biggest benefit to the homeowner and add the most to the resale value of your home. You can expect to spend from $10-$30,000 on your kitchen and $5-$15,000 on your bathroom. If you choose high end appliance and fixture then add another 20% to those figures.

Don't neglect the outside of your home, after all it's what people see first. Simple landscaping and a green, well manicured lawn adds curb appeal. A new exterior paint job not only freshens up the look but provides protection from the elements.

At this point I'd like to share with you some hard earned advice about renovations:

  1. Establish a budget that you can afford to pay with cash or easily handle the loan
  2. Do not buy anything until you have a design drawing and quotes from tradsepeople
  3. Be prepared to live with noise, dust and stress

If and when you're at the stage to talk to a professional about your home renovation ideas, please keep us in mind.

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