Home Renovations Kamloops BC 

The home renovations Kamloops BC residents undertake are done for so many different reasons. As a general contractor I meet people from all walks of life who have decided they need to make changes to their homes but don't want to move. Moving can be very stressful and uprooting, especially when you truly enjoy your neighborhood.  

Resale Value

One reason that local home renos are becoming so popular is because they increase the home’s market value. In order to meet potential buyers’ wants and needs, sellers are undertaking renos to make their homes more attractive and therefore easier to sell. Renovations to add features like walk-in closets, and to remodel kitchens, bathrooms, basements, and more, can make a home much more appealing to a potential buyer, therefore increasing the price at which the house will be sold.


Another reason, often overlooked, for home renovations is safety. Freezing temperatures snow and rain pose issues such as Stairs and  Front steps with poor traction,  rot and delapitated structures, overhanging obstacles etc.  Perhaps you have an elderly parent that's chosen to stay at home but needs a new walk-in tub or stair lift.  Look around your home carefully and determine if you need work to improve safety.

Pride of Ownership

One of the big goals, and quite possibly the most common and popular, that people choose to have projects done, is for attractiveness. There are new homes being built around the Kamloops area that include contemporary styles and features, both exterior and interior. Some people are trying to keep up and make their houses more suitable to the neighboring ones. Some people just want their houses to look striking and contemporary. Renovating the interior and/or exterior of the home makes it more attractive overall, more inviting and ultimately worth more money.


Life changes might be another compelling reason for the home renovations Kamloops BC homeowners choose to do. When you buy a house, you might not take into account any future changes, like the addition of children or pets to a family. Therefore, when you purchased the house, you might have chosen one that’s fairly small, just reasonably sized enough to fit your family at that time. But, if you have children later on, or adopt pets, or make any other family additions, that house might not now be enough.

Renovations might change your basement into a kid’s playroom that's safe for children. Modifying an unusable backyard by adding a deck, fence or another feature might make it more suitable for new children and pets. Additionally, renovating a house by adding an extra wing or some extra rooms is an easy fix that people can do to add more space, without having to buy or build an entirely new house.


Lastly, a big reason for renovations is added comfort, and just plain fun. Maybe a savvy chef wants an updated gourmet kitchen with brand new features. Or, perhaps a nature lover wants a deck built, just to sit on and admire the outdoors. Renovations can make all of these possibilities a reality, which is why it’s an option that many people choose.

You can see that the home renovations Kamloops BC residents choose are becoming more and more popular, and for good reason. With the assistance of an experienced general contractor, you can make your house safer, more attractive, and give it a much higher market value.

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