What Makes Kamloops Kitchen Renovations So Expensive?

Kitchen renovations are likely the second most common reno after bathrooms but they're definitely more expensive for several reasons. One of them is the appliances which are often replaced and another is the new cabinets. The third reason for higher kitchen remodeling costs is when the electrical and plumbing services are changed.


If a homeowner is looking to save money on kitchen renos, then we always suggest doing a simple makeover on the cabinets. That can be as easy as a coat of paint or installation of new doors and hardware.

There are so many different door designs available to choose from now, from ornate wood panels to the Ikea European look. The least expensive material is MDF wrapped in a heat shrunk vinyl coating and the most expensive option is hardwood.

If you want to change the cabinet layout then it gets a little more expensive, however we now work with several different manufacturing companies who are quite competitive while offering great products.


As for handles and hinges, you can pay anywhere from $1 to $50 each if you choose a designer line but even an inexpensive handle will make a big difference to the look. From painted to polished metal, the sky's the limit here too.

With the introduction of Power Smart appliances that use less energy it's wise to replace your old appliances during your Victoria kitchen renovations if you can afford it because they will definitely save you money in the long run.

Lighting plays a large role in both the function and ambience of your new kitchen and these days pot lights are all the rage. You may want to stay away from halogen bulbs because they consume a lot of electricity. Compact fluorescents are being improved all the time and there are also LED (light emitting diode) bulbs that use a fraction of the electricity now.


If you choose tile or laminate for your kitchen floor then your feet will be glad you had your electrician install a heated subfloor because with a programmable thermostat it can warm up just before you enter in the mornings - no more slippers!

Bear in mind that electricians and plumbers, the two most common subtrades that we employ in our kitchen renos, are highly paid because of their education and experience. They need to carry liability insurance for the homeowners benefit because the province requires it for their business licenses.


Finally, paint colours need to be chosen and it's a really important step so if you don't have confidence picking colours then I can highly recommend a couple of consultants with very reasonable fees.

So as you can see, there's lots to consider in your Kamloops kitchen renovations, from pricing, selection and being prepared to deal with some stress, however because of our extensive experience, Toolbox Renovations can help you with every step of the way.

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