Kitchen Remodeling Pictures

These kitchen remodeling pictures showcase some of the recent kitchen transformations Toolbox Renovations has completed  in the Kamloops, BC area.

 -- Click on any of the photos below to enlarge and view in galley mode.--

Condo Galley Kitchen Before

Condo Galley Kitchen After

1960's  Kitchen Before

Updated 1960's Kitchen

Ikea Kitchen In Process

 Ikea Kitchen in Process

 Kitchen Completed

Kitchen Completed

From relaxing to entertaining guests, your life is simplified by a professionally remodeled kitchen. Notice that the kitchens here were designed for functionality. The appliances are chosen for their features and then positioned where they are easily accessible. From maximizing storage space to getting rid of cluttered counter space, the new kitchens make daily life easier to handle.

You can also see that the remodeled kitchens give a new look and feel to the entire home. Kitchens are the center of the home; they are the heart of the home. Whether the remodel is completed to update an out f date kitchen or to change from one decorative style to another, the new kitchen affects the style, décor and feel of every surrounding room. Picture yourself standing in these remodeled kitchens, and then imagine how you would feel inside these homes. You can enjoy these feelings with your home too.

Regardless of how much or how little was spent on each of these kitchen transformations, you can see how they all add value to the homes. These remodeled kitchens are big attractions for potential buyers when a home is put on the market, and they are big attractions for homeowners who want to live in them rather than sell them.

These remodeled kitchens are more functional and more visually pleasing than the kitchens they replaced. It is easier to relax, entertain and enjoy life when a kitchen is redesigned to meet the demands of your life. While redesigning for functionality, it is easy to also redecorate for pleasure and peace of mind.

The beautification of a kitchen is easy to see in these kitchen remodeling pictures, but the functionality of the remodeled kitchen is what you experience on a daily basis after a remodel is completed. The look of the kitchen is important, but meeting those functional needs without sacrificing the look and feel is what makes these remodeling jobs stand out.

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