Kitchen Renovation Costs Victoria BC

Kitchen renovations in Victoria BC are the second most common and popular project for homeowners these days and for good reason. We spend a lot of creative time in our kitchens and want them to be comfortable, convenient spaces where our skills and imagination are used to tantalize our tastebuds or just feed our bellies!

Upon my first meeting with a client I'm asked many of the same questions because everyone wants to know how much it will cost, how long it will take and whether I'm the right contractor for the job. And rightfully so. 

The first question that comes to my mind is what budget does this person have in mind. Are they able to afford what they want? Kitchen renovations are one of the most expensive home projects because this space contains many different “systems”, components and materials. By systems I mean plumbing, electrical, structural and HVAC (heating and ventilation).

The final price will depend on the cost of appliances chosen by the homeowner of course and there is a huge range of makes and models to choose from.

As a general rule, I like to tell people that it will cost between $15K - $45K. In order to narrow it down and present them with a fixed quote, I need to gather some information from them. First, do they want to gut the kitchen and start brand new or just modify some things for a simple makeover? Are we going to be making any structural changes like moving walls? Do they want expensive heated tile floors or inexpensive baseboard heaters? What about the cabinets? Made with real wood like Oak or maple? Or will melamine boxes and drawers suffice? As you can see these are big questions with a large variance in costs.

My next pricing task is to bring my sub trades onto the jobs site and obtain their quotes for electrical, plumbing, etc. Only then can I determine with certainty what the ultimate price will be for that job.

So as you can imagine a lot of factors go into the costs of your Victoria BC kitchen renovation. If are looking for a more detailed quote, please contact me or visit our kitchen renovations page for more information on our service.


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