Five Factors That Affect Kitchen Renovation Costs In Kamloops BC

We already blogged about how much kitchen renovations cost. With kitchen renovations in Kamloops BC, you can keep your costs under control by doing some research and Toolbox Renovations has 5 factors to keep in mind.

#1: The material that covers your surfaces

The most expensive option is stainless steel cabinets, and cabinets using melamine are cheapest. Options that fall somewhere in between include hickory, oak, pine, and cherry woods, with cherry being slightly more expensive than the others. More unique wood types such as teak and mahogany cost more. With so many options, you can find one that fits with your budget by researching into prices in your area ahead of time.

#2: The style of cabinet doors

A detailed door will cost more than a plainer one. This includes grooves on the door itself and whether the door is inset, meaning that it is set inside the cabinet frame, and whether it is a traditional overlay or a full overlay door. The more expensive options are inset and full overlay doors. 

#3: The kitchen and cabinet layouts

Whether your kitchen is U-shaped or L-shaped, whether it has an island or not, and whether you want a sink cabinet or a lazy susan will affect the costs. Know your budget before you start, so you can incorporate essential costs in it from the beginning.

#4: Methods and materials used for renovations

If you have room in your budget, having high quality materials used in your renovation as the final product will be more durable. When you have a few renovation contractors in mind, find out from them how they would expect to go about the renovations, as their methods might differ and costs will rise and fall accordingly.

#5: The finishing used on surfaces

Layered finishes, glazes, and painted cabinets will cost more than a standard stain. The extra labour time that goes into some finishes account for some of the rise in costs.

Once you have completed research, interview about three contractors to find out their estimated costs so you can compare with your own findings.  Take advantage of Toolbox Renovations free estimates today.


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