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Basement Renovation

The beautiful peninsula community of Saanich, British Columbia, is part of Vancouver Island.  It is close enough to dynamic and popular Victoria, yet offers a delightful blend of urban and rural landscapes within its 103.44 square kilometres.  

Saanich is named for the Saanich First Nation peoples; Saanich is said to mean, “emerging land” or “emerging people.”  The land of Saanich is an amazing and beautiful mix of marine shorelines, glacially carved rock outcroppings, and fresh water lakes.  Little wonder that many people choose to live and work in beautiful Saanich.

Saanich architecture also is a blend of vintage Edwardian-era homes, postwar, and late 20th century housing.  Saanich homeowners make as much use of their homes as possible, including the basement areas.  No longer are basements relegated to dank storage areas and makeshift laundry rooms.  Today’s basements are being transformed into “man caves,” office spaces, separate rental units, play rooms, mother-in-law units, and just about any other imaginable purpose.

Basement renovations are an excellent way to make the most of an oft-underused space.  And Saanich’s skilled craftsmen can transform almost any basic basement into a safe, dry, comfortable, and up-to-code room.

Bringing a basement up to code can be particularly important when renovating a home that was built before 1970. Older perimeter drainage systems relied on long-established materials that were less effective and durable.  The results over time were homes with damp basements and mold problems.

Modern drainage systems and construction practices combined with the latest in insulation and building materials mean that the dank basement can be repurposed to any need and provide the same years of use that the rest of a home enjoys. 

We are based out of Saanich and have done many basement renovations in Saanich. Contact us for more information.

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