Basement Renovation Completion Timeframe

Are you thinking about doing a basement renovation in Kamloops BC but not sure how long it might take? You have searched to find the answer and that is why you are here. Read on and I'll explain how long your basement renovation might take to complete.

This will of course depend on the extent of the basement renovation but most basement projects take from three to six weeks. First of all, we usually need to obtain a building permit from the city and how long that takes varies depending what municipality you live in. On average, I would say two to three weeks lead time is needed. In the meantime, I organize the sub trades and order as much material as possible. It's critically important to have what we need on site when we need it. Once the permit is approved, I will begin work.

If you have any questions or like a more detailed quote, please contact me or visit our basement renovation page for more information.


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