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The Victoria general contractor best qualified to build your home or carry out a major renovation can indeed be hard to find!

Kitchen Remodeling

You've already found us but of course it's wise to obtain multiple quotes from other contractors so we always recommend searching the Victoria Residential Builders Association website (www.vrba.ca) because it's a great source for other qualified, like-minded contractors.

It offers a list of various types of contractors, suppliers and businesses in the Greater Victoria area who have chosen to join this organization with the intention of providing top quality materials and services to homeowners like yourself.

Toolbox Renovations adheres to a strict code of ethics for the benefit of it's clients and VRBA members must follow them as well.

Ask For Proof

First of all, for your safety and peace of mind, be sure the Victoria general contractor you interview provides proof of journeyman carpenter status and carries at least two million dollars liability insurance. We at Toolbox Renovations offer this proof to all our clients.

Ask them for a list of previous clients so that you can contact them for their opinion. It's good to have this feedback because at this point the building contractor is still a stranger and your ultimate goal is know that they're not only qualified but to be comfortable enough that you're ok with having them in your home!

Be Prepared

It's essential that you have a written list of the items to discuss and we always appreciate being handed a copy for our own records. This ensure that nothing gets lost in translation. Start with either the most important or the most expensive because they can often either make or break your budget.

Include details like the age of the building, how long you've owned it, prior renovations or additions, known structural issues, whether or not it's a strata title property, and your intended long term plans for the property.

If at all possible, meet with the contractor on site so that he or she can see the actual job location and get a "feel" for it. We always like to take pictures for reference later and it can avoid a lot of guess work.

As contractors, we strive to avoid or at least reduce the number of misunderstandings but don't be fooled, there will be issues that surface over the course of your project so be sure to write things down, ask lots of questions and do your due diligence!

Decision Time

Choosing a Victoria general contractor can actually be a pleasant and ultimately rewarding experience if you follow our simple guidelines.

Toolbox Renovations can help you with your decision making because we've been in the business for over 20 years and have seen the good, the bad and the ugly!

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